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  • Addison McCready

Your threads my memoir

Your threads my memoir,

providing comfort and warmth

through all the seasons.

The Sweatshirt. A bulky, thick, comforting piece of clothing created by Benjamin Russell Jr. in 1926. Although Benjamin intended the “sweatshirt” to be for athletes, he invented the secret-holder of a lifetime. It’s the passenger on every adventure, the hug from a needed friend, or a tissue you’re too lazy to get from the bathroom. String tightly woven together to make a torso shaped blanket with a conjoined hat for your head. The loose fit protects one from deflected insecurities. Smells of fire, the laughs of your friends, drops of Twisted Tea and dirt embedded into its soul. The sweatshirt remembers everywhere you have been and all that you have done. A companion that will keep you warm in the darkness of night, a friend that you can lean on and the gatekeeper to your downfall.


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