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  • Nicolas Guillermo

Top spin? More like bottom spin, am I right fellas? Nicolas Guillermo

You can use top spin.

You are not a real athlete—

See who wins the match.

It was a dark day when Bjorn Borg ruined the sport of tennis by showing everyone that you can use top spin and hit the ball consistently within the bounds of the court. In the mid 1970s he turned tennis from a fun activity to an intense warfare where only the most technically capable will survive. Top spin is achieved by striking the ball in such a way that it spins forward. The forward spin keeps the ball within the bounds of the court after going over the net and keeps it low to the ground after the bounce. Ivan Lendl further ruined the sport when he “improved” on Borg's method, causing tennis balls to be struck faster and harder than amateurs dare attempt to return. Lendl is considered the father of modern tennis and my personal enemy. 



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