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Jadelyn Cho

"Stop this day and night with me and you shall possess the origin of all poems."
Walt Whitman

                      Song of Myself

Heading 4

Julia Crapanzano

Jadelyn Cho

Julia Crapanzano

Art Finds Ways of Springing Forth. 

2021/22 Editors:
Senior Editor
Sarah Cruz
Kaitlyn Mondry
Paige MacPherson
Gianna Vozza
Angelina Blankson

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Contact or Submit:

Walt Whitman High School

301 West Hills Road
Huntington Station, NY 11746


Room: 633

If you are a Walt Whitman High School student interested in submitting a piece of poetry, or photography...

email us at:

Xanadu as a Whole


  Over the last twelve years, Xanadu has changed- a lot. Some of the changes have been due to technology and some due to artistic and philosophical ideologies. The magazine has changed in shape and size and content. The most recent of which has been our transition from magazine to website. Although we have been forced to relinquish the idea of a finished, bound, paper magazine, this website offers Xanadu freedoms it has never before possessed. Here Xanadu is free from the oppression of due dates, and the permanence of ink. This has allowed her to become an ever-evolving, yet always constant, being. 


  Xanadu is defined by the people who have edited her and have contributed to her content. The lady Xanadu never shares the same voice or personality as the year prior. Like so many organizations in our district, Xanadu lost its budget. That said, we have figured out clever ways of surviving. We are proud of this creature.


  You will find this website filled with the poets, prose writers, essayists, artisans, and photographers of Walt Whitman High School. The editors have meticulously arranged and selected the contributions. This is the production of a tireless and thoughtful collective. No one editor worked hours on grammar or design. This magazine is the result of patience and cooperative people who truly value creative expression. This magazine reflects not only a vibrant and thoughtful community but also a dedicated crew of insightful editors who care deeply about Walt Whitman’s insightful soul.



Xanadu 2023


Madeline Franz 


My heavy hat falls forward 

covering my eyes

blinding me.

Reality like a beard 

masking my features,

stealing my individuality,

leaving me standing stiff

(while beautiful blooming 

flowers burst from the ground

around me). Sprouting

high above my head. 

Shafts of shadow peek 

beyond the sunning petals. 

My eyes snake along the path

boulders blocking my way. 

Too large to imagine climbing,

with such a fragile frame.

The thought brought breaking porcelain

to mind – as if I could hear it shattering 

from here – I couldn’t attempt to move.

So I remained rooted in place. Forever 

gnomed in the garden of life. 

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