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  • Paul Chinsky

Thoughts on Dystopia

Thoughts are a disease,

people’s eyes trapped by the screens,

nobody can leave.

The idea of dystopian societies have been explored by many famous stories, some of the more famous modern pieces of literature include The Hunger Games, The Giver, Fahrenheit 451, Maze Runner, and Divergent. The idea of a dystopian society comes from the term “utopia” which means “no place.” This idea first originated in Thomas More’s Utopia written all the way back in 1516. This story depicted a perfect island that couldn’t exist because it has no flaws. Then eventually dystopian societies, which is the opposite, an extremely flawed society, was formed.  The idea that people mindlessly follow the rules of a terrible society because they don’t know anything else, is very interesting. It makes us think if we were any different, we hope we wouldn’t just blindly follow the rules. But how would we know any better? One dystopian novel that really gets us to question what we are evolving towards as a society is Fahrenheit 451, where Ray Bradbury told the story of a society where people are addicted to technology and lack free thought. New technology like the apple vision pro which sticks the screens to our face makes half of his story true. What's stopping them from showing people what they want to see and stopping them from thinking creatively? 



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