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Pablo Neruda's Questions:


       Pablo Neruda asks some wild and fun and tragic questions in his tiny gem titled, The Book of Questions.  Questions like, Tell me, is the rose naked or is that her only dress? Why do trees conceal the splendor of their roots? Does smoke talk with the clouds? Do tears not yet spilled wait in small lakes? At what does the watermelon laugh when it’s murdered? Isn’t it better never than late? Pip’s  Creative Writing and English 10 classes examined these treats and asked Neruda some of their own. What follows are a few Whitman inquiries. Enjoy.






Why do the sea’s waves touch the clouds when there is a storm? Alexander Encarnacion


After thunder strikes, does it feel bad for scaring people?

Wendy Lopez


Do soles of shoes go to heaven? 

Hapi Morancie


Why do plants have thorns to protect them from curious travelers who admire their beauty?

Miles Lewis


Why does the sunset get admired by so many but leads us into darkness? 



Why does the sky stop the stars from twinkling during the day?

Jessica Booher


If all things must fall how can we stand to others in struggle?

Alex Reyes


Why does the devil mess with the minds of perfect angels?

Daisy Arvelo


Why don't people appreciate themselves but appreciate others?

Viv Olivia


How can a person have perfect vision but not be able to read another?

Julio Taku

Our Questions:



How do we know mirrors aren't lying?

Billy Collins


Why does each snoflake try to be unique if no one pays attention?

Zach Lucana


Does a jacket get cold?

Zach Lucana


Do shoes feel pain when you pin them to the ground?

Sebastian Rosa


Is an adult an adult when the child knows more?

Sebastian Rosa


Why are the sun and moon always in competition?

Aleena Ali


Do your headphones ever hate your taste in music?

Briana Spencer


Do books know multiple stories or only know the ones they choose to share?

Sarah Clopper


Why do I have to stand near a mother and child in the subway to feel safe? 

Sophie Dalton


Do fish wish they could walk?

Alan Veliz


Do clouds want to let go of the rain?

Cassidy Giuduci


Why does fear protect us from dying but prevent us from living?

Sara Crapanzano


How can a baby grow into the bitter taste of coffee?

Sara Crapanzano


Does the soup know he split the peas?

Matt Brown


Why doesn't the clock ever stop to take some rest?

Nyara Choudhury


Is the sheep too hot when it has its wool?

Alex Dilorenzo


Why does my hair only look good on Thursdays?

Garrett Aadal



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