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  • Tyniah Smith


Romeo and Juliet had it. 

The first Crush, Pure and untouched. 

Euphoric, but obsessed.

It’s speculated that “crush” might have originated from “mashed.” Crush, a common expression for flirtatious behavior or being deeply in love.  Thus,  “to crush something” means to “mash it.” So if crushing something means to mash it then why do we become obsessed. Having a crush is a phenomenon called Limerence, a cognitive and emotional state of being emotionally attached to or even obsessed with another person; it's an emotion that is involuntary and draws us in  its strong desire. Fine line between obsession and attraction. In general, some signs that love is obsessive may include: an intensity to how long people have known each other.It goes beyond mere physical attraction and a strong emotional bond, admiration, or affection for someone. An emotional crush often involves feelings of intense emotional connection, empathy, or a sense of understanding and compatibility with the person. Emotional attraction occurs when someone finds appeal in another's mind, personality, heart, or spirit. This type of attraction can be platonic or romantic, but it inspires strong feelings. Through emotional attraction, there's a sense of truly respecting the other person and wanting to know them deeply. An emotional crush is characterized by intense feelings of admiration, respect, and affection for someone, often without romantic or physical desires. It typically arises from a deep appreciation of the person's qualities, such as their intelligence, kindness, or achievements, fostering a strong emotional bond and connection. Unlike romantic crushes, emotional crushes are primarily platonic in nature, centered around emotional intimacy rather than physical attraction. While these feelings can be powerful and consuming, it's essential to maintain respectful boundaries and not impose one's feelings on the other person. Emotional crushes have the potential to inspire personal growth and self-discovery, as they often encourage individuals to pursue their passions and strive for self-improvement. Overall, emotional crushes are enriching relationships that deepen understanding of oneself and others, fostering meaningful connections based on mutual respect and admiration. 



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