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Daniella Padhina

Pigtails and playdates. 

Yank her pigtail off her head.

Best friends forever.

-Chloe Murphy

Bad anxiety,

go away at once, right now.

You are unwanted.

-Matthew Crocco 


I say I love you,

only to satisfy you.

I do not love you.

-Julianna Villella 

Trigonometry is so confusing.

Can’t see the right angle’s

Tangent the teacher goes on.

-Christian Manie 

In isolation 

We barely see each other, 

But we talk the same.

-Brianna White 

My brain is hurting

I write down numbers and think

It’s complicated

-Amanda Trifon

The teacher stood up

and corporally punished

the class for one crime.

-Timothy Klaum 

Born to be a pair.

Not blood but sisters at heart

together we laugh

-Olivia Evola 

I am not ready.

So why does the teacher call?

I am now the fool. 

-Ilyaas Fedaie 


Calculus is hard,

finding limits of functions

was not made for me.

-Hannah Cruz 


Like crunchy cornflakes.

Gold leaves rustle underfoot—

Beauty in decay.

-Jakub Pipota 


Flies swarmed our

school. I’d never kill one,

but lord do I want to.

-Tina Khoshkehpazi


Flirtatious glances

only interrupted by

Farrell’s angry shriek.

-Elvira Taku


Feels like I’m in Penn

Station every time I try

to get up the stairs.

-Katherine Gotard


Bullying is wrong.

But if they didn’t see it—

It didn’t happen.

-Keara Shea

Hallway Haiku and More...


(Lunchroom, Hallway, English, Math, Global. Bus, 406 (9), Science, PE, Library, Bathroom, Staircase, Graveyard, Track, P-Lot, T-court, Back Field, Art, Turf … .)


Screenguards bound to desk

Stoping the flow of knowledge

Seperating us.

-Shannon Turner 

Memorizing is

my demise— formulas bring

tears to my blue eyes.

-Abby Dinstell 


Bloodshot eyes gleaning

Her benign touch I adore


-Cal Eidinoff

Thumb on his two lips

Pressing ever so slightly

He listens, he does.

-Matthew Masaya


Right out the door, gone. 

The years left without a trace;

Their echoes too sparse. 

-Adam Tabibzada

I love you so bad
My exalted salted fault---

Mcdonald’s hash brown.

-Chelsea Perry


Dreaming of being

The masks that cover faces,

Hugging more than me.

-Ashley Herrera 

Chilly breeze bounces

Off of my left shoulder blade

Whoosh it bursts and flows.

-Zaen Asghar 

Chickpea hummus, sit. 

Perhaps bell pepper poets

Will tickle your fancy

-Sophie Fyfe 

Eyes‌ ‌are‌ ‌glistening‌ ‌

Shining‌ ‌blue‌ ‌in‌ ‌the‌ ‌moonlight‌ ‌

I‌ ‌gaze‌ ‌into‌ ‌them‌. 

-Noah Biton 

In The Silence,

The World Begs For Air.

Daily Mask Usage.

-Aaron Jurrist 

In the midst of the

Field, I absorb and transform

Nature’s wispy air.

-Sophie Sieli 

Masks taped to our mouths

The new style accessory

We can’t leave without.

-Maria Garcia 


Blowing a balloon 

for a physics lab becomes 

a big bioweapon.

-Humza Asif 

Tripping over stairs

Running weighed down by my books

No time for lockers.

-Caroline Schrama 

Your life flourishes 
though we know of your demise.
You write when you're wrong.
-Mary Reciniello

My day has been bad,

but it all gets better when

the Whitman dog licks.

-William Valle

Laughter fills the air.

This room is my safe haven—

4 years gone so fast.

-Olivia Bonomo

Crisp weather out now.

So why the hell haven’t the

flies died already.

-Kayla Andrews


Only five minutes

to try and get to Guam and

back. We need more time.

-Keara Shea


My shoelace untied

first period pen doodles-

I'm not really here.

-Melissa Portillo


Moving pens, bell rings

five more minutes we say as

we begin to guess.

-Marta Campos


We are not all lions. 

Some are frogs, monkeys, deer, bugs. 

Part of the same kingdom. 

-Sean Williams

I dash into school,

the clock strikes seven thirty.

A white slip of shame.

-Darren Bentler


Expansive green field,

filled with students having fun

stomping on goose poop. 


Crowded hallways filled

like congested arteries.

Again I am late.

-Aiden Smyth

Words fade into

obscurity, can I please

just take a nap?

-Tina Khoshkehpazi


100 wing boys

share kisses with 9th grade girls—

I just walk away.

-Olivia Bonomo


Heavy breathing that

is followed by soft curses—

The mile is over.

-Elvira Taku

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