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  • Kristy Chillemi


The calm sound of waves.

Yet they are not calm at all

They pull me away.

Waves are unpredictable. They are produced by the movement of water such as: earthquakes, underwater landslides, changes in atmospheric pressure, underwater volcanic eruptions, the movement of ships, or even fish jumping. On the beach, I witness wave after wave pass by. Some look intimidating and large while others small and weak. I listen to the swish of the waves and watch the peaceful beach. What I do not notice is the deadly rip current that has the capability to pull unknowing people out, maybe never returning to shore. Rip currents are powerful, narrow channels of fast-moving water. Some have been recorded to be as fast as 8 feet per second, faster than any olympic swimmer ever recorded. The speed and invisibility of these rip currents is what makes them so dangerous. I am filled with the stress and anxiety of school, practice, work, homework, family, and friends. I am overwhelmed, tired. A never ending cycle that pulls me under water, never seeming to catch my breath. As I lay on the beach, I slowly enter the ocean and the current pulls me away. Further and further. The shore starts to fade and I no longer recognize where I am.


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