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  • Violet LeClaire

sherwood drive

-at the start of my street there are sidewalks and street lamps. but once you make it down past the nice houses, not covered by trees, the sidewalks thin out and the street lamps dim. i think maybe my house isn't nice enough, me and my neighbors live in the dark with our blanket of dying trees. we walk with no safety net in the world of old sherwood, are we merely outdated ?

-yes i think the man who laid out the concrete and installed the lightbulbs looked at number 35 and decided it would be best to stop. because no one over here can hire people to put up their christmas lights or get their lawn mowed and hedges trimmed.

-is that the right idea though ? maybe is it best to illuminate the more desirable parts and leave the nasty ones to rot in the dark. maybe that's why, when i sit myself in front of my vanity, i will contour in my cheeks and jawline and put my shiny highlighter on my cheekbones and nose. maybe that is why i shine a light on my humor and empathy yet no one can ask about my irritability or cruelty. the world gets to see me with my sidewalks and street lamps, pretty and polished. when the lights are gone, they can’t see what i have cast away into the shadows.

-so i am throwing my pebbles at the bulbs to kill them and throwing down my sledgehammer to chip the pavement. those walking along sherwood will no longer have to see its flaws.


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