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Just for a moment

What seemed to be a lost cause

screamed at pretend stars.

In the Bible, the color green is important. It’s supposed to symbolize everlasting life and prosperity and the greenness of spring. I don’t much like the color green. Sure, it does look nice on me and all but it is such an ingenuine color in modern times. To be fair, it’s the color of grass and frogs and all those beautiful things, but it’s also the color of money, and envy. The green shirts we had to wear were moderately vomit colored. This is besides the point. I had fun on Friday.

Apparently our shirts were supposed to be purple. That would’ve been awesome. But the website the school buys from ran out of the purple and pink and we were left with blue and green. Initially I thought it was some “deconstructing gender norms” kind of commentary, but it would be kind of weird for people to read into something that much.

All through high school I didn’t pay much attention to what was going on in terms of school events. I guess I just didn’t feel too much like a Whitman student. But I always wanted to get involved in Powderpuff because the whole school gets involved, and as an underclassman it’s something that you have to age into, which is also some incentive to do it.

Doing my boyfriend’s makeup was incredibly entertaining, and something I strangely wanted to do for a really long time. He didn’t flinch too much and I thank him for not being fidgety, because otherwise he would’ve looked like hell. But he didn’t. He made a beautiful lady.

Thursday night I skipped dinner but I don’t remember why. And I definitely didn’t have time to eat breakfast the next morning since I slept until the last possible minute. I bring this up because we had to run around the school for a million years after, and I damn near fainted after a minute or so, so I kinda slowly trudged around the hallway and made a bunch of shortcuts so I could grab something to eat before I dropped dead in the middle of the Whitman wilderness. And I guess that wasn’t very school spirit of me but it was moderately exhilarating to yell in the hallway and have this whole school ritual thing occurring at 7 in the morning. It was fairly cultish. In a good way. And I felt like a part of something school spirit related for once.



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