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  • Ashli Wuss


Blaring hurricanes

deafening the silent mind

diverging the peace.

The eye of the hurricane. The calmness. The quietness. The silence. It’s serene and ethereal. Like the human mind. The tranquil and peaceful mind that exists in everyone. But the peacefulness doesn’t last long. It only lasts a few hours, maybe even less, before the storm plows through. The howling winds pick up, breaking through your mind. The ear-piercing torrential rain and thunder intrudes your quiet thoughts, replacing them with destructive ones. The hurricane demolishes everything in its path, no matter how important or worthless it is. It doesn’t care. It tresspasses through your field of thoughts, dragging along chaos and destruction with it. To others, a hurricane may seem to last less than a day; but to you, it feels like a lifetime. It feels like it never ends. It feels like the hurricane is forever in your mind, waiting for it to become silent again, just so it could attack once more.



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