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  • Serena Heddell


He sat on his stool, wood sticks smoothened over with varnish in hand. This was his fifth gig this week. He has been working all his life to be on a big stage, wanting to go to his dream school. He craved it with every ounce of his being. The crowd cheered him on as he went into his seemingly effortless drum solo. A layer of sweat coated his body as he played with different rhythms to keep the audience on their toes. His stick breaks but he quickly switches it out with one from the bucket on the floor next to him. He flips the new stick to get used to its weight and no one ever noticed the change.

His stage presence wreaked with passion but his mind was elsewhere. All he could focus on was his dream school. He had auditioned for it two months prior and rumor has it that people from his audition weekend were getting their decisions tonight. He had fooled himself into believing that if he played with movements laced with perfection that maybe he would get in with a full ride. He convinced himself that if he didn’t get what he wanted that he would prove them all wrong. He told himself he was destined for greatness.

As the final song came to a close, he faked a smile to the audience. They didn’t have to know what was on his mind. They needed to believe that he was all in with them. He fooled them like how he fooled himself. The lead singer closes out the show with a stereotypical goodnight and the band heads back to the green room. Our dear drummer walked over to his bag and grabbed his water and started chugging. The singer went to her bag that was next to him to do the same. The drummer grabbed his icy hot and rolled it around his wrists before putting on his compression bands.

“When did that happen?” He looked up at the singer who was staring down. He followed her gaze as he let out a small chuckle.

“Between school and all of these gigs my wrists are giving out.”

“I feel ya, the same thing is starting to happen to me with the approaching cold.” He stared into her eyes looking for a deeper explanation. “What? You didn’t know I had wrist problems?”

“No I actually didn't.” They chuckle a little bit.

“My primary focus is piano and I’m writing a book right now. I’ve had wrist problems ever since I stopped gymnastics.” She explained with a slight smile toying with her lips.

“How did I not know this about you?”

“You never asked.” She walked away to grab her phone that was charging on the counter.

The vocalist was always quiet but he would never expect her to be an overachiever in different fields. He heard the vocalist scream and he, along with the rest of the band, turned to face her. “I just got into Berklee on a full ride.” Decisions are out. He quickly grabbed his phone and checked his email as everyone congratulated her before checking their emails as well. “I got in too!” The guitarist chimed in. Soon the bassist, the keyboardist and the other guitarist all chimed in with their acceptances. If they got in, I definitely got in. I’m the best one here. He clicked on the decision letter. His heart sank. “Yo Alex, what about you?” We are sorry to announce that you were not accepted for the Fall 2022 semester. He wanted to lie to them and say he got in but they would know it would be a lie before he even opened his mouth. He immediately clicked on “fill out a new application” and walked out without another word.


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