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  • Kayla Andrews

When They Fell

Gentle, lifeless curls held the strands of his scent. Her hands danced through it—the soap and water granted him a temporary redemption. He wondered what new memories would become of him while still having a mere trace of his old person at the ends where the blades didn't quite meet. Anxiously waiting to see the finished product of his overdue growth, he paces back and forth in his thoughts. Eagerly, he turns to the nearest mirror to discover that his old resolution is now an unwanted beginning. He quickly scrambles on the ground, trying to retrieve the old scraps. He longs to have them be a part of him again and shoves the gentle, lifeless curls back into his head. But after all failed attempts, he gives up. Today, he secretly walks around, trying to get back the coils he once adored.

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