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  • Helen Flores

Venus Flytrap

In the damp embrace of the bog's embrace,

I stand, a guardian of green in the murky depths.

My emerald-like leaves, razor teeth, and sensitive hairs 

stand tall against the whispers of the wind.

With each gentle sway, I beckon,

A silent call to those who dare approach.

Through the misty veil, I peer,

Watching, waiting, for the moment of opportunity.

My rigid jaws, delicate yet determined,

They reach out like fingers of marionettes,

Drawing in creatures with my deceptive allure,

A sweet scent of nectar all just for show.

But beneath this tranquil facade,

Lies a monster, with primal needs to survive.

For I am both captor and captive

As I wipe life for life in a cycle that doesn't end.



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