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  • Abigail Tavera

Treasures in the Sea

I see the waves

Washing debris on the shore

Silly sea jellies float aimlessly with the current.

I dive in

Surfacing to see fluffy foam and gray sky

And teensy muscles, and silky seaweed—

I am fascinated by what the wave Leaves behind.

Suddenly, another wave breaks above my head

When the water calms,

There are new Treasures,

Which I grasp

So Tightly in my palms

I will not let go, I think

But they are swept away

With a simple Tug from the current

I am weeping salty tears,

Which mix with the briny water

There she goes again

It’s Selene, she who yanks

My Shells away from me

I am screaming

No shells will ever be the same!

I won’t have that shark tooth

Or that stubby crab

With the barnacle on its back

Or the soft sand in my hand

Or the little periwinkle

And its cylindrical armor

Just as I am about to depart—-

Because I am distraught—

I hear a whoosh

And the wave Slams down

Upon my back

I fall down,

Then get up

And laugh because

I see a cream-colored Conch

With a shiny pink interior

It’s unlike one I’ve ever seen




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