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  • Liam Curtin

The Leaves of Late Summer

The leaves of late Summer sing in the wind

As the bright sunlight illuminates the beaten path it’s in

A young mockingbird leaves the nest to answer the call

But stops, shrinking, so terrified of the coming fall.

Yet to all, is the fall always as sure as a tread?

The Romans ruled all, yet broke down, as books are sure to discuss raw

Oh my Winehouse¹ collapsed, and it’s given a Kurt² nod of the head

So is the journey worth it all, if it falls down like straw?

The fall may be destined for all

But a descent towards the beaten hard ground

Demands the ascent to the top, and quite a bit of gall

And by the end, it yields one perfect moment, which is bound to astound.

The west may fall, but Justin³ comes back strong

A beatle⁴ may be stomped, but it’s why you imagine⁵ for long

Time, space or death may separate two lovers forever

But love’s never gone, for souls always feel all forever.

And ever, and ever, and ever, and ever.

The bird should see these blessed sights,

Though nothing is permanent, not even the flight.

  1. Winehouse: Referring to Amy Winehouse, an English Musician who died of alcohol poisoning on July 23, 2011

  2. Kurt: Referring to Kurt Cobain, an American Musician famous as the frontman of the American rock band Nirvana, who committed suicide on April 5, 1994

  3. Justin: Referring to Emperor Justinian I of the Eastern Roman Empire, who conquered North Africa and Italy, including Rome, in the 6th century AD.

  4. Beatle: Referring to The Beatles, an English rock band in the 1960s.

  5. Imagine: Referring to the song Imagine by John Lennon, a former member of the Beatles, which was released in 1971.



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