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  • Lily Majewski

Painting a Story

I pick up my script and begin to read what is

new, never opened, a clean slate.

Like all I have is paint, my brush and time.

Six weeks to create something new

from a blank canvas. Eager, I begin to read.

The painting looks unfinished to the naked eye and yet

I see bliss. Everyone works together to create this mural.

The art is nowhere near done when the due date is up.

Time to present it to the world.

But there are still more details to be added, a new

rough draft to be made.

A gap in the art that must me mended so we can

be proud of our hard work.

On opening night,

My yarn becomes a hat.

My canvas becomes an elaborate picture.

The worries that it’s not good enough


The curtain opens.


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