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  • Julia Dong

Our Universal Warmth

From being protected by our mothers warm womb,

we are then thrown into a cold world.

The change in temperature immediately hits us and we realize,

we can’t always be comfortable.

Trying to get that security back,

us humans create artificial warmth.

A blanket.

Protecting ourselves from the intimidating boogie man,

we reach for the blanket.

Trying to brush off the hate we endure,

we reach for the blanket.

Now grown up, a blanket can no longer be my armor.

I must venture into reality,

this cruel, cruel world.

Those who surround us,

can rid society of artificial warmth.

Give us back what our mothers had granted for 9 months.

Blanket me in your love.

Shield me from the terrors to come.

Pacify my pain and one day,

we could gift the world with our natural blanket.



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