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  • Angela Shedlow

Not one word spoken

I am lost.

My heart too heavy with emotion

that words cannot express.

I turn to music to carry the weight

To let my heart rest.

It starts with a breath,

In and out,

My lips part

As my music speaks

Hundreds of emotions, ideas, stories,

Flowing from one stream of air.

With not one word spoken.

The music at my finger's command,

The press of a key

Descends the piece into darkness.

Then, the tension eases as my fingers release

The color changing as I let go

A single note -- brilliant, shing, radiant --

And I hold it until my lungs are empty.

Toying with emotion,

The direction at my discretion

A major chord creates hope

And a minor tears it down

And I see a tear fall from an audience member,

A sigh from another,

They understand.

Emotions, ideas, and stories shared,

With not one word spoken.


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