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  • Sophie Dalton

No Longer Innocent: You Are Now A God-Forsaken Woman

Do you remember her?

The lanky girl with pixie brown hair

running on the playground,

sliding down slides,

to reach the bottom with a big kaboom

hoping one day she could reach the moon.

Do you remember Mama’s shabbat candles

on Friday night?

How the lights shone so bright,

their warmth touching the ceiling

swimming around you with heat.-

Do you remember your innocent streak?

Full of pink dresses and everything neat,

or was it when you died your hair pink

that you began to lose your long nights of sleep?

Do you remember Daddy brushing your long hair at night?

So soft and warm as the cartoons blasted in the background

your baby brother running around….

Remember when a boy stared at you for the first time?

When the sun went around twelve times,

making your cheeks so red and hot

that you thought you might puke on Henry’s stairwell.

Or remember was it that night in New York City?

When you naively took that car home to Brooklyn,

from the Upper West Side,

delusionally praying to a god that no longer exist as you

sat between two unknown men?

Regardless of when, or what you once remembered-

life’s cherry has now been popped

and you are now a god-forsaken woman.


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