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  • Logan Needham


(Inspired by Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein: A Modern Prometheus”)

As time goes on,

flowers blossom

and fall off our

sakura pink trees

The world reflects the sun’s

golden rays,

of which flood my eyes.

Our school, is sprawling

with (mostly) happy faces

the halls, the turf

at every nook

and cranny.

All these students have their own story.

Their own little moments among an ever vast ecosystem.

…And they say that kids hate school.

I remain wretchedly jaded throughout all this.

Isolated on a hill,

with a monster muttering and moping all it wants

only for nobody to hear it.

I thought humanity taught me how to hate,

with an entire angry mob

chasing me out of their village.

I treat me just as they treated me…

Isn’t that what they wanted me to do?

But watching these people,

with their interactions

and the little moments they share,

they drive me away from the clouding spite

despite what one may think.

These humans can love,

from what I saw.

And… Who could blame them either?

It has been beautiful weather, and it is a nice school they attend.

The grand palace,

despite its minor filth, it shines with color.

For such a small moment in their lives that doesn’t even

matter in the end,

their elder “teachers” and such really try to make it stick with them for the rest

of their lives, no?

Good for them.

These emotions that I relate to, give me…

Oh, what’s it called again?


Yes, they give me hope

that I can become human

again someday




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