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  • Yenifer Gonzalez


Within the vast depths of the ocean there live many creatures.

However there is a whale that is the loneliest creature in the world.

In the middle of the broad ocean,

one single whale speaks softly and lonelily.

No matter how much she shouts,

it won’t reach anyone.

No matter how beautifully she sings,

No one will hear her forlorn voice.

It makes her so gravely empty,

sometimes she silently cries.

Wandering about the Pacific Ocean,

crying out for companionship that never comes.

Her shaking eyes looking around,

fearing that no will understand.

Fearing that no one will love this precious soul of hers.

Waiting patiently for a love that won’t come.

The monotonous routine

making her hate herself,

swimming in that familiar darkness

that surrounds her with that jaded warmth—

going back to the life of before, giving

up letting herself get away.

But she keeps moving forward,

as she only has herself.

Looking ahead trying to belong

in a world that goes on.

She opens her eyes in the darkness

finally realizing that along with her voice

her beating heart accompanies her

in an unfamiliar harmony.

The fear ridden eye grasping the answer

that to feel love, you only need yourself.

Yenifer Gonzalez


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