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  • Alexandra Fullerton


Boxes scattered around her feet.

Ballet flats for the delicate pushover,

kitten heels for the judgemental prude,

stilettos for the irresponsible whore.

The Cordwainer shapes each identity,

stealing her individuality.

Confining her into the sole—

of who he believes she should be.

They follow her wherever she may go

creating footprints just as she begins

her stride.

Once shiny leather made dull.

Until she decides to change;

not herself,

but her label.

Taking back who she is.

High pump lifting her towards the heavens.

Pushed by her aunts, her mothers, her sisters, her grandmothers

Buckled to the earth, yet remembering herself.

Who she truly is.

Stomping on the Cordwainers hands,

she Mary Janed him,

proving her worth

and taking back what he stole.



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