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  • Marc Malafronte

Life is a Memory


Lost and Forgotten.

When we die,

we’re not truly dead

if someone remembers.

Name someone who is dead…

You can not.

If you can name them,

they live.

If you can name them no longer,

they die.

Some names will live forever,

no matter fame or infamy.

Those who make an impact

on the mind,

on society,

on the Earth,

will be known

for as long as we exist.

Some names will die.

Those who are in darkness,

neither in red light nor blue,

in sight nor mind,

in circulation nor discussion.

A lost soul of lost meaning.

Such a cruel fate

which I must not draw near.

The advent of death

is a notion I fear.

I speak to be heard.

I sing to spread love.

I say to have meaning.

I shout to be remembered.

For the lasting impact---

there is nothing more crucial,

nothing more essential,

to one’s preservation.



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