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  • Kate Pratt

i love You.

i hate the quiet.

even when i was doing my favorite things

there always had to be a noise, a sound,

a something.

but then i met You.

a beating heart, one only i can hear if pressed against your chest.

a nap, one we hold and hug each other in, as if a promise

to never let go.

putting on a hoodie familiar to you, and despite the detergent it still smells exactly like you.

your dogs, lying on the couch, practically pleading for attention, but i am too busy

giving mine to you.

the excitement in my chest, as it bubbles seeing that you texted me.

our plates clinking together, my dish of ravioli meeting yours of lasagna.

my eyes meeting yours, refusing to look away as we chat nonstop.

a stuffed animal you gave in my arms, comforting me as i wake from a nightmare.

a kiss goodbye, already filled with the longing to see you, even if i haven't left.

these are the quiets i've grown to adore, the quiets i now crave more than anything i've ever had

more than anything i've ever known.

i love the quiet.



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