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  • Meghan Murray

Her Secret Place

The chamber dark and deep

She's being pulled away from us,


But she chose her spot.

She told me where her favorite place is,

only me.

It was the most relaxed I’ve seen her,

other than in here.

She told me her secret recipe for the little garden,

only me.

Even throughout the half years, rain or shine, all natural or plastic,

I made sure her ingredients stay touching her stone.

It wasn’t the overlook that drew her,

but rather what was right beneath the trees when the moon is hiding.

Its overlooking the anchorage.

The same latitude as the striped pillars.

She knew exactly where her freedom was,

expediting through the waterto any destination.

To lay there overnight,

as early as desired.

Its name was The Sea Star.

Our lovely little home floating over the undiscovered world below.

I always know when she's around,

watching over us and her favorite place.



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