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  • Ryan Rowe

Green or Red

A being of light and a being of dark sit in a bustling mess of a room. Men all in blue shirts and black pants scramble, tackling their new task. As always they must answer a binary question. Either with a green yes or a red no. They all scramble around the space, knocking each other down to be the first to get to the endless files that lie against the pink walls of ripples. As they all find what they were looking for, the men shout in monotonous unity. Not a single voice is in disagreement. All for green.

The button is pushed. The question is answered. So all the men sit down and wait for the next one. And it comes sooner than they expected, and yet none of the men move. They have no need. The question in front of them is outside their scope. The question can only be answered by the two beings who are playing a game of chess.

The dark moves a pawn, they are winning the game and know it. The light moves their queen, asking, “Winner makes the decision?”

“Of course. So when I win, we will click green.” Dark moves a pawn, announcing “Check” leaving Light in deep thought.

“As green contradicts the morals we were founded on, I can not let you win.” Light moves their queen again.

“You really think you can win? You’ve never won. And I will choose green not because it is immoral but because it’s what he truly desires and that takes precedent,” Dark retorts, taking out Light’s queen. “Check.”

As the walls close in thumping and all the men are cut off from the two beings, Light yells, “Just because he desires it does not mean he should act on it. Stop treating him like a child who can do no wrong! And do not assume you’ve won when the game is not over." Light takes out Dark’s queen and offers their hand.

Dark analyzes the checkerboard and sighs, “A stalemate once again. I can’t believe you continue to go against me with your impossible idealism.” Standing up into the pulsating gooey pink walls, Dark shouts, “You are the one who treats him like a child. He isn’t perfect. According to you, he can do no wrong, ever. Anything else is worth destruction. Now come on, can we choose green together, this one time?”

Light stands up, and puts their hand down to their side, “No! I refuse to falter.”

Dark nods, lamenting as they say, “And neither will I… Yellow it is then, that’s our answer to the question, even though we both know that is the worst outcome. I still fail to understand what makes you light and me dark, just because you were first, you are regarded as the light when you are no more righteous than I.”

As the wrinkly walls return to their positions, the brain no longer strained, the men carry on with their duty. Light and Dark sit down in their chairs and Light begins setting up the chessboard once again.


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