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  • Jonathan Holleran


Cumulonimbus clouds is where it sprouts.

Rain swallowed into the spring

falling into the steep ravine.

Dropping into its elevation

the gradual movement from high to low.

Unaware of the surrounding terrain;

glistening valleys, evergreen pine,

ferns, maples.

The water doesn’t slow to gather,

it just continues acceleration.

Fallen cherry blossom stands in the way

yet the water makes its own path.

Twisting and turning ever so slightly,

salamanders and trout look at what to prey.

The water follows its own path,

cold as spring water in a crisp snowstorm.

Soon, the water will meet. Tons

of streams combining together, the

water is no longer unique. From the

mountainous range to a casual lake,

the water comes to a stop wishing

it slowed to take a break.



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