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  • Emma Creighton

Glimpse of Grandma

I walk up the red rustic brick path

Leading me to the old white Dutch Colonial.

The heavy red door waiting

To be opened, I step in,

Immediately filled with warmth from the rose scented candle—

I am safe.

All that I hear is the unfiltered laughter

Of little kids - chaos - but the good kind.

Around each corner of the tiny pink flowered wallpaper

There are adults sharing stories,

Babies being fed on the salmon couch,

And children running around.

I never want to leave

When she is there——

I am safe.

As I reach on my tippy toes to pull the

Once white but now pale broken down fridge

From years of little jabs,

I open the clear draw and reach under the muenster cheese,

Grabbing the dark chocolate hershey bar

She hid just for the kids.

Not a word would dare be said to the parents,

An unspoken rule.

I am safe.

The pink bedroom that was once my aunts,

Now a guest room, always open for the children.

The sun shines through the window at dawn,

Just reaching my face,

And the birds peacefully chirping like no other place,

Profound love found in every corner of every room.

I am safe.

She hugs me tight and

The worry I had about my failing math grade

Or misunderstood feelings,

Instantly disappears.

She whispers the I love you,

She will never be forgotten.

I am safe.


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