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  • Gabriel Gonzalez


Through mysterious magic

and the plights of supernatural beings,

they can briefly erase

the anxiety of their upcoming exam.

Through the passionate love

of two polars,

they can briefly immerse

in a world with no heartbreak.

Through the comedic antics

of a troupe of misfits,

they can briefly find a reason

to laugh amidst a demeaning day.

Through the tales

of unexpected heroes,

they can briefly bolt from the dull monotony

and experience adventures of grandeur.

Through the unbridled success

of genius detectives and determined sidekicks,

they can briefly put aside

their fury at a judge’s corruption of justice.

Through the horrorifc bloody houses,

haunted with shrieking souls,

they can briefly feel the thrill of danger

to avoid thoughts of the office tomorrow again.

Through idealistic

happy endings,

they can briefly escape

their hopeless dilemmas.

But it’s only brief.

Whether good or grave, reality is inescapable.


Fiction will always

be on the shelf,

proof that magic is not just a fantasy.



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