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  • Eliana Kazin

Electric Poison

Electric Poison. Stealthy, creeping in the clouds.

Coos of droplets, cascading above.

Waiting on wafts of eucalyptus, a dash of sweat.

Leaves twirling in the road, a duet with the wind.

The mischievous minute hand giggles, the grass sobs with

moisture. My head whips, searching for jet muffled

Shadows, his muffled shadow.

The speed of light winking at me through the blinds.

Flickering with restless bliss.

The olive green arm hairs of the Earth perk up with goosebumps.

Each droplet falling from the roof, mocking me.

A forbidden saturation liberated andante.

Between each droplet passes an hour. An hour of longing

for a familiar breath.

Itching for your gamble in a state of static.



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