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  • Nayira Kabarajian

Chaos in Tranquility

The wash of waves crashing against the shore,

coming from a tropical storm.

A hush of seaweed dragged in.

As wet sand exposes itself,

the salty breeze gently caresses your skin.

A strong current creeping close,

tumbling deep,

reaching out for security and stillness.

Sand beneath your toes,

and yet in a second a seashell appears,

shiny from the silent friction.

Crystal clean water


clear as a diamond.

Seagulls gliding

while their calls,

echoing in distance.

Just as you open your eyes,

the waves begin to calm down,

realizing the roughness has faded away.

While the sun sets in the west

the moon appears in majestic glory,

like a flower making its bloom.


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