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  • Jaden Lantier Stark


I admire you on thick summer nights,

sprawled out on wet grass,

happy belly upwards, facing you.

Through tired eyes, I see you

framed up against a voided backdrop,

coupled with many stars.

May my denim run red at your whim

while you slowly shift through your phases.

I wish to live in your craters, sleep in white beds of rock,

as you dwell in my nooks and my mind.

But, I am small, far smaller than your Stars and Sun and Ocean.

If they wanted, they could drown me.

If they wanted you, they probably would have.

So, I will continue to admire you,

Quietly yearning under your light

waiting for the day when The Ocean

will swallow me whole,

so she can have you all to herself.

I wonder if you will notice when one

less person is staring at you.



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