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  • Kyle Mattila

5 Hours

That horrible alarm

keeps getting closer

and I just lay here.

4 hours left.

When did that happen?

It feels like my progress resets

when I look at that

illuminated clock.

This room is completely silent.

Barely a single sound

and it seems like that should be nice

but the silence lets in

so much noise.

That one thing I did

two weeks ago.

That song.

I love that song.

I loathe that song.

It won’t leave me.

Like it’s laughing at me

for letting it into my mind.

3 hours left.

That one was much longer.


2 hours 45 minutes left.

2 hours 30 minutes left.

Now I can’t stop focusing

on that time.

2 hours 28 minutes left.

At this point

I should just give up.

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