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  • Katherine Gotard

The Hunt

It is always

the vexed

who need to

capture him.

There has never

been faith

in their prayers.

And though

he does not hide

from the troubled souls

it takes years

for them to find him.

He lives under

pomegranate trees

amongst all other

beautiful things

and sleeps

with the angels.

The hunters

take him and

they tame him

till they believe

they are saved.

He lies in his pen.

The chain is poor,

and the fence is low,

yet he surrenders

for them.

1. The Hunt of the Unicorn: a famous set of medieval tapestries that depicts a group of noblemen and hunters in pursuit of a unicorn through the forest. The unicorn, which has often been interpreted to represent Christ, is killed and then resurrected for the King. It is shown lying in a pen chained to pomegranate tree in the final tapestry.

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