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  • Stephanie Martin

My Time to Shine

The boots thrilled by the sound

of footsteps nearing the closet doors.

the box sprung open and with excitement

He jumped higher than he thought.

Eager to begin the night.

So stiff and uneasy, until the soft feet

slipped in putting the brand new pair

of Justin's right in his comfort zone.

The music, the people, the food is

everything they've been waiting for this year.

They dig and they dig, up the mountain try to

find the perfect sport with the best view.

Dancing and kicking up the mud with a

huge smile on the soul.

A long fun filled night ends with dirt

making the cowboys so ecstatic.

To finish the night off back home for the boots.

To jump right back into the box and take a

long nap until it's time to kick up some dirt.

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