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  • Tina Khoshkehpazi

Left to Heal Past Your Pulchritude

In this absence, I was breathing in the words unspoken left to linger in the air felt the weight pressing down against each strand of hair missing the feeling of your touch. I missed the cold of your watch burning holes into my skin and the ridges on its crown

reminding me you’re within reach even as my eyes were kept closed. Its tick-tocking

only present in the room through vibrations I missed them too. The three little dots distanced dispersed throughout the room left your voice ringing for god knows however long; they weren’t accompanied by any comfort I’d enjoy. Instead just taunt throughout every corner, filling any available surface with its demonstration. Each breach of an everlasting moment spent facing off with vast nothingness, in hopelessness of absorbing anything eclipsing further your frame… further separating the havoc wreck in my head… separating the permanence on my body I’ve created for you.

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