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  • Grace Roiland

Beautiful Moments

16, Time fades away, how the seasons change.

The day once awaited was now near.

The light shone down creating everlasting beauty.

16, The time had come, not a moment to waste.

She looked at herself through the face in the mirror,

mesmerized by the palettes covering her space, in the corner a dress detailed with lace.

16, Farewell humble abode, hello Kingdom.

The air saturated with sweet perfume, the kind only found toward the end of June.

The clock kept ticking, the time moved on, only minutes to spare ‘til we’re on the vast lawn.

16, Perfect moments, captured quietly.

She looked back with fond eyes, viewing those friendships held together with strong ties.

Thankful for the beautiful moments and all the kind words that were once spoken.

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