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  • Aiden Smyth


It’s like David versus Goliath,

if Goliath decimated David in seconds.

Man ran a sixteen o’ five

with a heart-attack mountain in his path,

which allows him to Columbia next fall.

Whatever I say, only to get lauered.

This isn’t a Disney film,

but more like a dystopia.

An iceberg that lacerated and lauered my titanic ego,

flooding realism and hopelessness into empty crevices of cocky, over-ambition,

causing me to sink back to reality.

He could be missing legs or give you a head start,

but you’ll likely get lauered anyway

Lauer (n)- is the last name of the fastest high school cross country runner in Suffolk County last year.

Lauered (v)- to get beat by someone who is expected to win, and to bring down unrealistic aspirations.

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