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  • Hannah Cruz

You are The Sun

Your glow at dawn is the invitation of life, love and prosperity, however your ascension brings nothing but misery. The illumination of your arrogance is blinding, but the warmth of your rays call upon me to stay, deception is your greatest power — the burn on my upper back is my witness.

You’re dangerous.

But you are The Sun,

I am merely the moon

and I am nothing without you.

Your descension is finalized with the twilight and I’ve decided that’s when I like you best. The peace created when there is no power to impress is magical and just for this moment, we can coexist in harmony.

But all good things must come to an end.

Because you are The Sun,

I’m simply the moon

and I am nothing without you.

When the night has settled and you are out of sight, I’ll still let you use me like a mirror to reflect your brilliance because you truly are so beautiful. But your beauty was never for me to see so I will toy with the tides because, for once, something is in my control. And the power struggle that we have created will continue for all eternity because

I am the moon

and I am nothing without you.


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