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  • James Boccone

Sauce Smears

By its nature

a delicious meal ceases existence

upon fulfillment of its purpose.

He who toils over the pan,

organizing the mess of batter

into spheres of flavor,

does so for the manifestation of his work

to only exist momentarily.

Focused, movements strain sweating arms

as the meal is prepared.

Coated in mayo and sweet sauce

and finished with powerful, flavorful garnish;

Both the joy of its consumption

and the tragedy of its impending destruction

grow in tandem.

Mouth scorching bites accompany gustatory sensation

until both cease

and only a sauce smeared plate remains.

But the cook is a fool to mourn his food,

as the sight of his plate evokes

the flavor in his mouth once more,

and the memory of the struggle and suffering

needed to create that moment

fades away,

his bygone meal may serve its purpose again.



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