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  • Emma Creighton


Legend from Europe,

A spirit of giving, glows—

Once filled with joy. 

Whose idea was it to create Santa Claus? It originated by a Saint named Nicholas, who was a Christian bishop that was known for his generosity and gift-giving. It started in the 19th century in Europe. But, how did it spread through the world? It started with poems and stories. Did they create this to be happy? Were they unhappy? Who was that crazy or insane person to make up a big fat guy come down your chimney while you're sleeping and give you gifts? 

Mostly everyone gets into this holiday. Why does it make people so happy? Is it really because of Santa Claus or is it because of the gifts? The twinkling holiday decorations and cheerful music constantly playing display the magical ambiance that lifts spirits. It’s a breath of air when people can relax for once. 

But, whose idea was it to lie to the children? Finding something like this out was heartbreaking. The disbelief that your mother would lie to you, hide the truth. The magic felt different after knowing this saddening truth. Why do parents set their kids up for heartbreak? It makes the holiday more fun so in the end, it is worth it for all the joy. But, who would come up with this? The children are so vulnerable and innocent yet the parents take advantage of this. It is a normal thing to do but why is it so normalized? 



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