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  • Kristy Chillemi

Old Memories

Every year the time comes around where we put up our Christmas tree. We strand the colorful lights around the beautiful pine and we put the angel on top. We fill the whole house with different santa, reindeer, and snowman decorations. But my favorite thing about Christmas is putting the ornaments on the tree. Mainly because you and I always would decorate the tree together. We would dance and sing to Christmas music for the whole day and it was the best. But this year is different. Lonely. I sadly take out the box looking for the one special ornament that you gave me; both of our names engraved on 2 snowmen in love. When I finally find it the memories of us flood my head. I miss you. I still love you. Deep down I hope that you will walk through the door, hold me in your arms and tell me everything will be okay. But, I know this is purely my imagination. I snap back into reality as my eyes tear and I place it on the highest branch I could reach.


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