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  • Marc Malafronte

My thoughts on country (in the words of a traitor)

Country music just isn’t right for me.

I get quickly bored by the same four looping chords,

And the same set of instruments,

And the song names that are just needlessly lengthy for absolutely no good reason whatsoever.

Maybe it's my urban nature,

Or my upbringing,

Which may be the culprit.

But that is how I feel regardless.

But on one occasion, I

climb the rocky mountain high

Or I’ll make a rowdy scene

While I’m shouting ‘bout Jolene,

Or I’ll be a dirty rebel,

And meet with the Georgian devil

Or I’ll walk the country roads

Without care ‘bout where it goes.

Or ride on a nameless horse

On the desert’s sandy course

Or be proud like burning Mary

through the soul that she may carry.

Reflecting on my music stash,

I’d never expect Johnny Cash

To loop within a ring of fire

All of my ear and heart’s desire.

I guess I must be quite a saint

to listen to without complaint

the hapless noise of tractor backs

who fall asleep on wet haystacks.

(I guess it may be true,

that there is a little bit of country within me too.)


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