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  • Serena Heddell

My Divine

The wind gently caresses me and places a chilling kiss on my forehead as a reminder of the approaching winter. You have always been so kind to me when you need to remind me of anything. You are my everything. My reason to stand the way I do today. The reason I meditate and how I medicate. Your calming summer shores and rainbow autumn leaves always seem to smile at me when I need you there. The way the sun dances in my hair and the way you make the rain pour onto my body when I need to scream and dance and let it all out. All of it. My anger at the life I lead and my love for thee. I find it funny how regardless of how empathetic you are to me, you are the reason they call me a “devil worshiper.” If I am one of Satan’s groupies then let hell rain for you are my Devil. It is truly ironic that those who love you the way I do are greeted with such anger and macabre stigmas when you are the nicest being I have ever met. Sure you bring hurricanes when the humans misbehave, but you also bring sunflowers and rosemary. You bring the sun and the morning dew that chills my toes when I drink my morning tea that you so kindly gifted to me. They never seem to remember that you were here first but I do. I am the pagan and you are my Earth. You are the reason I practice religion the way that I do, the reason I cycle with the moon, dance with the flames and sing with the morning breeze. You are my divine.


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