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  • Hannah Albert

Fish in the Sea

“Come on, Sylvie,” she started, “there are plenty of fish in the sea, I’m sure you’ll find a boy you really like at some point.”

I rolled my eyes at her use of such a cliche line, and she laughed, bumping her shoulder against mine lightly. We both looked out at the sun setting over the sea, and from up on the lifeguard tower, we were so far from the rest of the world. After a moment, I finally blurted out, “What if I don’t want to find a boy?”

She looked over to me. “Do you want… a girl…?”

The waves crashing in my stomach and on the shore beneath us calmed, and I leaned in to her slightly. She did too, smiling at me with the cutest crooked teeth I’ve ever seen. I asked— “Can I kiss you?”



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