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  • Lorely Hassman


We tread lightly, cautiously

Listening to the myths and tales

Of heroes and foes, monsters and gods.

Silk weaves into art whilst

Ego breeds eight legged arachnids.

Narcissists melt away,

While foolish girls are swallowed by the earth,

And spend their winters licking the pomegranate juices

Off their nimble fingers.

Life’s cheaters are to spend eternity,

Shoving their soaked sides against boulders,

Cheeks puffed, gasps escaping clenched teeth.

Only to watch the stone plunge back down.

We are to control curiosity,

Avoid searching for answers and opening pithoi

Containing dangerous secrets.

Thiefs such as Prometheus are tormented.

We remember his punishment.

We refuse to be bound, sliced, exposed and feasted on.



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