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  • Alfred Wang

Dumbell is lifted.

Dumbell is lifted.

Muscle soreness rages on—

Sweat pouring like rain.

A gym, filled with machines, dumbbells, and weights for purposes of all kinds. Endless workouts are able to be fulfilled. Loud sounds are heard. Grunts of all pitches, clanging of weights, dumbbells hitting the floor. Sweat drips off every person. Every droplet of sweat and every fingerprint on each piece of equipment in the gym tells its own unique story. There are struggles being endured. People train for various reasons: for a sport, to stay healthy, for one's enjoyment.. The gym is more than it seems. It represents a safe place, an oasis. It is a community where people share the same feelings, become comfortable, and grow both mentally and physically. The gym is a place you can go to destress, dump your emotions, and feel better about yourself.



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