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  • Christina Villella

Childhood Clutch

Stuffed animals—

What I couldn’t sleep without

And now, never use. 


Stuffed animals brought us peace everywhere. They always knew how to end a mental breakdown or put you to sleep. We would bring them everywhere. To sleepovers, in the car, to the store,  but only if mom was in a good mood. So attached, you can’t even sleep without it. Until one day, you slept with it for the last time, without even knowing. One day going from your friend, anxiety easing stimulant, a piece of you to another item on your bedroom shelf. From something used in your everyday routine, to something you walk past without even looking twice. Randomly recognizing its presence, maybe a few times a year and the love for them rushes back once you think about them for a second too long. Are they lonely? Do they even know we left? I know objects can’t feel but, it still feels so wrong. So neglectful. Ditching the “person” that was there for me always. Did they know I cared for them? The attachment feeling is so real, yet not.



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