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  • Denise Carrillo

Broken Promises

after Mark Hillringhouse

Trapped under the pressure

it builds up and becomes harder to hide

a feeling and proof you can’t ignore

simply looking back and shutting the door without thinking

the memories flowing in like a broken record

each time breaking my heart.

Constant arguments

the old memories of an amazing moment

with parents becoming a blurry past.

A simple I hate you deeply carved into the hearts

of those who seemed to care

a broken picture frame, containing the past I wish to relive

the wall I used to hide behind started crumbling down.

And when I look back to what I've said and done

It's far too late.

The door already has been sealed shut.

For a long time, I’ve dreamt of a life of freedom,

a bohemian life

now realizing it wasn’t the life I wanted to live.

It was to run away from reality

who knows,

maybe my problems.

Sometimes we just need to run away.



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